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Scott Costello, from one of my favorite blogs (http://www.strugglinginvestor.com) posted a contest for to rename his blog.  Scott is a 9-to-5er, like me, struggling to work a J-O-B and RE Investing.  So, obviously, I can really relate to his blog.  Well, he had a contest to give his blog name a more positive spin (instead of “struggling”) and he picked my submission!  Wow, I never win stuff, so I’m super excited, especially with the frustrating week I’ve had!   I won some Steve Cook DVDs, which is freakin’ awesome!!  Thanks, Scott, for choosing my domain name submission.

Check out Scott’s blog post here.

BTW, there is still a whole issue with getting our offer submitted on that REO due to the pre-approval letter.  Arrghhh.  I’m ready to rip my hair out.  More to follow in another post.

Happy Investing!


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