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Things have been busy yet again this week.  With all the Halloween festivities and a super busy couple weeks at work, it was tough to get a lot of REI stuff done.  Even so, we were able to look at a few houses this week. One of which was on Monday night, but it was after dark, which is not a good idea, when the house has no electricity.  LOL!  Luckily, my camera got some good shots with the flash.  Although even though it was dark, we could still see the house needed WAY too much work. The listing said that 90% of the rehab had been done.  Yeah, sure…so I guess the other 10% includes  drywall, windows, floors, paint, etc! 😉

I also have been reviewing Shae’s Financial Freedom GPS.   It has some really great content.  Some of the things she talks about I have already thought about or are doing, but there are a lot of good exercises and time management strategies.  That’s the stuff I really appreciate – Shae had the same struggles many of us 9-to-5ers have – how do you balance a demanding job, family, kids, tons of other stuff and your REI biz?  I can handle all the “work” involved with REI.  I mean, I am really organized and determined, but just finding the time in a given week is so hard sometimes.  I swear, I could be kicking some serious butt if I didn’t have the 9-to-5.  And like Shae says in the book, I also hope and want and wish to get laid off all the time.   With my years of service, I’d get about a years severance pay, which would be pretty darn awesome.  But I digress.  Anyway, I also did the exercise of coming up with our “number” for financial freedom – this is the amount we need to cover each month for all our family/household bills.  If we can come up with enough passive income to cover this monthly amount  (with a bit of a savings buffer), we’ll be set and I can quit.    The only variable in our “number” is the cost of health insurance.  I added in an approximate number, but that could be higher or lower, since the costs can vary widely, especially for a family plan. 

By the way, I noticed this article over at Tim Ferriss‘ Blog.  It talks about being clear with your requests to your virtual assistant (VA).  While I agree with most of the info, there are things that need to be more detailed, especially if you’re dealing with offshore VAs.  For example, most of the world formats their dates in the DD/MM format, not MM/DD, as we do in the US.  Also, you need to be very clear regarding acronyms, abbreviations, nick names, etc.  In my “day job” we deal with this a lot and you need to be crystal clear with your requests/documentation, or they can easily be misunderstood.  For those of you that use VAs, what are your thoughts?

Happy Investing!


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The past couple weeks have been very busy.  Even so, we still looked at a few properties over the past week.  A couple were good bites for rentals and one or two were good rehabs.  We want to look at a couple more tomorrow to see if we will be making any offers.

I’ve still been fielding calls from our inherited property mailing.  Still working on those leads.  I’ve also been posting to and responding to ads on Craigslist.  No real promising leads yet, but I’m working on it.  I search and scour ads looking for ones where sellers may want to sell via owner financing (I also set up Google Alerts so they’re emailed to me).  I responded to one such ad I found and we played email and phone tag.  I haven’t heard from him in a couple days, and saw that he deleted his ad, so I’m assuming he’s found a buyer.   I’ll keep trying him to see if that’s a case.  I also am checking for rent ads to see if anyone is willing to sell on owner financing.  I also placed a Craigslist ad under the rental category to see if I could get any bites from any frustrated landlords.

At work, we’ve been working on our year end reviews and goals for next year.  I’m so not into it.  Can I write for my goals for next year that I wanna be outta there?   😉  I guess I cannot do that, but it’s really how I feel.   Every year they expect us to do more with less people and it’s just getting ridiculous.  I know in this economy things are hard and I truly am grateful to have a job, especially since my husband got laid off, but still.  It doesn’t mean I have to be miserable.  And I just cannot stand how much time my job sucks up.  I work well more than 40 hours and I often skip lunch and have late meetings, which really makes it hard to talk to sellers or see properties during the week, but I do my best.   Although I have to say, even with all those negatives, the main reason I want to be done with my job really is to have the freedom…financial freedom and freedom of my time.  Too many people I know have wasted years at jobs because they were “stuck” and were not happy for fulfilled.  I’ve done my time in Corporate America.  It’s time for my sentence to end.  

So, as I was feeling tired and stressed after work yesterday, I came home from work to find an email from Shae Bynes with the info regarding my prize of winning a copy of her new product Financial Freedom GPS!  I’m so excited.  I cannot tell you how timely this email was.  I put the audios on my iPod and I cannot wait to dig in and learn.  I really need more assistance regarding getting my financial house in order before I leave my job by next summer.  So far, her course looks AWESOME and I barely have scratched the surface. 

And on a related note, one of the themes of Vena Jones-Cox’s radio show/podcast this week (available on iTunes) was how to use real estate investing so you’re no longer living paycheck to paycheck.  It’s like every sign in the universe is guiding me to working on my own and being financial free.

If you’ve seen my “Countdown to Freedom” clock on my blog, it’s counting down to me being out of my job by next July 17th.  I really need to make this happen.  Sooner rather than later!

Happy Investing!   Happy Halloween.

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