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Bad news – we found out there were 6 CASH offers on the cat pee house (CPH, as we were calling it).  I think these offers came in just after the price was lowered on Friday.  So, we didn’t bother making an offer.  That totally sucked, we were kind of hoping to get that one to rehab. I’ll still keep it on my list to see if all the offers fall through…although with that many offers on the table, that is highly unlikely.

The other colonial house we looked at over the weekend was awesome, but we found out there was an easement for a  right of way on the side of the house, which would have put a road right in the middle of this house and the one next door, and prevented a garage from being added.  We’re bummed about that, too.  I’m so frustrated but I’m trying to not let it get me down.

We’re still getting calls from our direct mail campaign.  A couple motivated sellers, but no one is motivated enough yet.  I don’t understand how in this lousy market, people are holding out for prices higher than what they’re worth.  Especially with these inherited properties, since it’s not like they’re upside down in equity, since they inherited from (usually) a parent.  I’ve checked out many of these houses (that we’ve received calls on) in the public records and most have $0 mortgage balances.

We gotta dig deep and get a house under contract soon.  Especially since I made that my goal in Steph‘s 30 day challenge.  And my job is driving me crazy.  I gotta get outta there and do this REI stuff full time.  Having a J-O-B is really limiting my investing time, although the paycheck helps! 🙂

Happy Investing!


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