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Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  I’ve been super busy with the Holidays, work, a blizzard and tons of family obligations.  Also, I have been terribly sick the past few days…so I haven’t even been on the computer at all lately!   😉    Due to all the holiday craziness, I took a break from REI the past couple weeks (with the exception of checking MLS listings and looking at one rental property).  However, I am planning to get on the horse starting on Monday.

Oh, and right before Christmas, a friend called me saying her daughter had lice (one of my daughter’s good friends.).  Apparently, a ton of kids in another class had it. Yuck!   Ugh..I had to spend tons of time washing everything as a precaution and checking my daughter’s head constantly (thankfully, she’s all clear!!).  So, because of this, I did a ton of research on lice prevention and some good tips for doing so safely.  For example, I sprayed a mixture of tea tree oil and water on her head as one means of prevention (here’s a tip: tea tree oil should be used with caution on pre-pubescent boys!) .  Maybe I should write an ebook about it to create some passive income!

I did get some cool Christmas gifts, such as some workout stuff and some REI books.  My husband also bought me the book The Go-Giver, so I’m excited to read that one.  (Thanks for the tip on that book, Shae and Steph.)

In between resting and watching TV today to feel better, I did take a moment to write down some 2011 goals on an index card.  I wrote down things such as – monetizing my blog and further monetizing my other websites (such as http://www.buying-your-first-home.com), eating better and getting back to working out, creating more passive income streams, obtaining rental properties with positive cash flow, etc.   Did you write down any goals?  If so, what were they?

On an unrelated note, just read this article about how it’s great having a December birthday (the comments are very interesting, too).  For someone who is born right after Christmas, trust me, it ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. I’ve always wanted a June or August birthday.  When you’re born near Christmas, people often forget your birthday and the insulting scribble of  “Happy Birthday” as an afterthought sent on a Christmas card gets me riled every time.  I’d much rather take a (free) phone call to wish me Happy Birthday.  Although since there are 2 other family members with birthdays right around mine (my dad’s was on Christmas Day), my husband, friends and family are really great about making my birthday special.  And my husband knows to NEVER wrap my birthday presents in Christmas paper.  That’s the biggest insult of all! LOL!

2011 is going to be an awesome year!  I still plan to be out of my job this year, baby!

Happy New Year and Happy Investing! 

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As many of you are doing, I’m thinking about my 2011 goals.  I am trying to think of additional ways to make passive income, in addition to real estate, so I can leave my job next year.   So, I’m still working on the Financial Freedom GPS program, as well as watching the videos for the new divamoneyclub.com website.  This passive income site (for Divas and Divos!) is yet another timely thing that has come into my life as I’m searching for my way out of Corporate America. Check it out, if you have the chance.

And interestingly, or coincidentally, over the past couple of months I’ve thinking of moving this free blog to a one where I can advertise, something mentioned on the divamoneyclub.com site.   I already have a “webuyhouses” site and also one for which has tons of grants and free info regarding buying your first home. The former I don’t advertise on (the Adsense ads that populated were other “we buy houses” sites), the latter generates some decent Adsense money, enough to pay for the site and some extra, but I really need to monetize more.

Any advice for monetizing this blog?  Should I move it to WordPress.org or Blogger?  I know pretty much everyone prefers WordPress, but I’d love any and all opinions here!  And whatever is the “simplest” way to transition it, that’d be great!

On the REI front, we didn’t get the 3 family we bid on… the seller wanted too much.  Although it still was a deal, but we always want a bargain!  And we’ve had a couple of appointments to view rentals over the past couple weeks but they’ve been cancelled/rescheduled a few times due to tenant notice and my ridiculous work schedule.  I swear, this job gets in the way of all my side ventures! LOL!

Happy Holidays and Investing!

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