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Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  I’ve been super busy with the Holidays, work, a blizzard and tons of family obligations.  Also, I have been terribly sick the past few days…so I haven’t even been on the computer at all lately!   😉    Due to all the holiday craziness, I took a break from REI the past couple weeks (with the exception of checking MLS listings and looking at one rental property).  However, I am planning to get on the horse starting on Monday.

Oh, and right before Christmas, a friend called me saying her daughter had lice (one of my daughter’s good friends.).  Apparently, a ton of kids in another class had it. Yuck!   Ugh..I had to spend tons of time washing everything as a precaution and checking my daughter’s head constantly (thankfully, she’s all clear!!).  So, because of this, I did a ton of research on lice prevention and some good tips for doing so safely.  For example, I sprayed a mixture of tea tree oil and water on her head as one means of prevention (here’s a tip: tea tree oil should be used with caution on pre-pubescent boys!) .  Maybe I should write an ebook about it to create some passive income!

I did get some cool Christmas gifts, such as some workout stuff and some REI books.  My husband also bought me the book The Go-Giver, so I’m excited to read that one.  (Thanks for the tip on that book, Shae and Steph.)

In between resting and watching TV today to feel better, I did take a moment to write down some 2011 goals on an index card.  I wrote down things such as – monetizing my blog and further monetizing my other websites (such as http://www.buying-your-first-home.com), eating better and getting back to working out, creating more passive income streams, obtaining rental properties with positive cash flow, etc.   Did you write down any goals?  If so, what were they?

On an unrelated note, just read this article about how it’s great having a December birthday (the comments are very interesting, too).  For someone who is born right after Christmas, trust me, it ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. I’ve always wanted a June or August birthday.  When you’re born near Christmas, people often forget your birthday and the insulting scribble of  “Happy Birthday” as an afterthought sent on a Christmas card gets me riled every time.  I’d much rather take a (free) phone call to wish me Happy Birthday.  Although since there are 2 other family members with birthdays right around mine (my dad’s was on Christmas Day), my husband, friends and family are really great about making my birthday special.  And my husband knows to NEVER wrap my birthday presents in Christmas paper.  That’s the biggest insult of all! LOL!

2011 is going to be an awesome year!  I still plan to be out of my job this year, baby!

Happy New Year and Happy Investing! 

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I just signed up for a motivational quote of the day by the Napoleon Hill website, naphill.org.  You can register for a quote of the day sent to your email box.  I even had the email quote sent to my phone so I have to see it daily.  It’s a great motivational tool.

And, since everyone is talking about Holiday shopping this week, here’s a great site for some Black Friday Deals!  I, personally, won’t be out with the people searching for deals at 4am Friday.  I’ll be shopping on-line for deals at home in my PJs, while still bloated from overeating at Thanksgiving, thank you very much!   🙂  The website has plenty of good store deals and also cyber shopping deals!

On a REI related noted, we have made an offer on a rental property with good cash flow and received a counter. Not sure if it is going to work, but I’ll post more when I have more news to share.   I don’t want to jinx this one!  In the meantime, if someone can recommend a lender that can finance a fully rented cash cow in MA, let me know.  A lot of local lenders are looking for really high downpayments.  Thanks!

 Happy Investing and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Hi Everyone,

Thought I’d give an update on what we’ve been up to lately. 

Buying a Rental Property – The past week or so, we’ve been looking at a ton of properties on-line and even saw a couple with a local realtor.  Last weekend, we saw a duplex and a triplex in our area.  The duplex is newer and in really great condition. One half is rented for $1400/month from good, long-term tenants who want to stay.  The other half is occupied by the owners who need to move out of state.  It’s a short sale and has been on the market over a year…and it’s still overpriced.  We wouldn’t consider making an offer anything close to asking price, but we’re still crunching numbers.  The triplex was a much older home that needs a complete rehab.  It would qualify for Homepath financing, but I think it’s more rehab we want to do for a rental.  If we could get it cheap enough, maybe we could flip to a local landlord.

Wholesaling/Buyers List – I’ve also been calling bandit signs and classified ads looking for wholesale buyers.  I am figuring we can target more buyers and what they’re looking for so we can find wholesale deals just for them.  Many of the other cash buyers on our list we obtained either from our Craigslist ads or our website, which is fine, but we also want to shop for deals specifically for our local buyers.

We Need Money – Lastly, we are looking for money for deals.  I am considering purchasing the Private Money Blueprint course.  I also have seen some “cheaper” courses on the same topic.  If anyone has feedback on obtaining private money or courses to take, that’d be great.  I also have been contacting local commercial/portfolio lenders looking to see if they could fund rentals for us. I talked to a great guy yesterday at a local, small credit union.  He gave me a complete rundown of their rates and terms and really walked me through their process, so I’m gonna keep him in mind to see if that will work for us.  The only sticking point with that option is if we buy more than one rental, we may not (initially) have all the downpayment money needed, that’s why I’m thinking we need private money, too.

Happy Investing and Happy 4th!

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You’re trying to rent or sell your property and now you have to show it to prospects. The first thing you have to do is make sure the property looks good. First impressions are everything. A renter or buyer will quickly walk away if the property is not how they saw online, or isn’t how you described it.

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=real+estate&iid=8372183″ src=”b/9/1/9/Govt_Incentives_Expected_0724.jpg?adImageId=12836104&imageId=8372183″ width=”500″ height=”333″ /]

No matter what type of property you have, apartment, house, or condo, every aspect of your property should be poured over so that anyone who comes to look at it will instantly fall in love with it. Once your property is how you want it, it’s time to prepare for your prospects.

Warm and Inviting

If you’re renting or selling a home, or even an apartment, you want to appeal to all five senses when it comes to your potential residents or buyers. The moment the prospects walk inside, you should ensure they are met with pleasant smells. Don’t go too heavy with the air freshener but a hint of cinnamon or vanilla can make the place instantly seem like a place to call home. You should make sure everything is clean and able to be touched. Have soft music playing so that your prospects are very comfortable and don’t feel rushed. For their sense of taste, offer them refreshments such as cookies or fruit if you’re health conscious. Finally, for their sense of sight, make sure the place looks as pristine as you can get it.


Staging your home to sell will allow prospects to see how the rooms function and how their own furniture can be arranged in the rooms. If your property is clean and everything’s prepared, you’ve done all the hard work. Now you have to sell it. But as any good salesperson will tell you, selling anything is really selling yourself. Meet your prospects with a smile, a warm greeting and a solid handshake. Make sure you look them in the eye, as well. Ask why they’re moving. Really try to connect with them. Find out what their needs are, and when they’re looking to make a decision. This will allow you to highlight the things about your property that coincide with what they’re looking for, and also allow you to shadow the things that don’t appeal to them.


Selling is easy, it’s closing that’s the hard part. You must close your prospect if you hope to get that lease, or make that sale. You have to make the prospect believe that time is of the essence. There are others interested so they should strike now. Have the necessary paperwork handy, as well as a good pen, so that you leave them little choice but to sign on the bottom line. However, the best advice anyone can give you about closing is not to talk too much. After you’ve said what you’ve had to say, and you’ve presented them with the pen to sign the paperwork, don’t say anything. Too many salespeople lose their leases or sales because they say too much and end up giving the prospect an out. When you’re silent, you put the ball in the prospect’s court and they’re forced to make a decision. Hopefully, if you’ve done your job right, their decision should be an easy one.

View the Original article from the awesome REIBrain.com site.

Happy Investing!

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